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elite_kstew's Journal

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Welcome to Elite_Kstew
This is an elite icon community for the amazing actress Kristen Stewart. It's for people who make very good kstew icons and for the those who want to see them. You can not join this community, only WATCH. To join, you have to apply.
01: Fill out this form.
Graphic journal:
Constructive Criticism?
Example icons:

02: You need at least 3 votes from the mods to get accepted as a member.

03: If you are not accepted, please wait a two weeks before applying again.

04: Put Speak in the title so we know you read the rules.

05: As a member, when you post your icons in the community, please put up 2-4 teaser icons and the rest under a cut.

06: NO hotlinking or stealing art! You will be banned.

</center>07: Have fun and don't be afraid to apply.</center>

credits: profile css